Victoria Beckham es una madre preocupada

Victoria Beckham is a concerned mother

Victoria Beckham is a concerned mother

Motorcycle? Without me!

wantedon 10/20/2014 | 16:31

Like any other mom, Victoria Beckham displays a true protective instinct when it comes to the well-being of her four children. Her oldest son, Brooklyn, is now almost 16 years old and has a plan that Mom Victoria doesn’t love …

Victoria Beckham with her son

When it comes to their children, mothers are always worried, no matter how old they are. But when it’s the oldest who is growing slowly but surely, it must be especially difficult. Victoria Beckham is experiencing this first hand. Her 15-year-old son, Brooklyn, made a very special wish for his 16th birthday in March – he would like to ride a motorcycle! Her son’s desire for a motorized two-wheeler alone is certainly bad enough for a mother, but with the Beckham family there is that too. Dad David, who has been riding a motorcycle for years, only had a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles in August! So it’s understandable that Victoria Beckham isn’t exactly excited about her son’s plan! Brooklyn cannot be deterred from his plan: “He’s already asking when he can get his motorcycle license,” David Beckham told “”. Will Victoria Beckham Let Both Her Husbands Slap Her Until March?

Victoria Beckham is a cool spray mom

Victoria Beckham as UN Ambassador

Until the final decision comes, Victoria Beckham is committed to the UN and shows completely new faces of herself. In Soweto, South Africa, he visited the “Anova Health Institute” where he wrote a sign on the wall in pink spray paint. Then he shared this experience on Twitter with the message “Education + Art = a future without AIDS.” Victoria Beckham seems to be totally absorbed in her new job as a UN ambassador. Does that also affect a more relaxed attitude towards motorcycles?

We can understand Victoria Beckham’s concern for her eldest son, after all, motorcycling is very dangerous. The 40-year-old woman’s fear was compounded by her husband David Beckham’s recent accident. Victoria Beckham’s increasingly realistic statements and appearances make her more and more likable.

Image Source: Getty Images / Gareth Cattermole; twitter / victoriabeckham