Victoria Beckham revela el secreto de sus colecciones de moda

Victoria Beckham reveals the secret of her fashion collections

Victoria Beckham reveals the secret of her fashion collections

Recipe for success

wantedon 02/17/2015 | 16:15

Victoria Beckham once went from funky Spice Girl to hit fashion designer, and she will likely maintain this status for a long time. For years, women around the world have valued their designer pieces. Victoria Beckham knows all too well the reason for the popularity of her collections: she wants women to feel completely comfortable in her clothes.

Victoria Beckham has been creating her own designer pieces for ten years and can often be admired on the catwalk; Even while still a member of the Spice Girls, she was noted for her classy style and sense of expensive brands. Not least for this reason, Victoria Beckham received the nickname “Posh Spice” (German for “elegant”), which was supposed to emphasize her elegance.

Victoria Beckham can empathize with her clients

Victoria Beckham has been transitioning to become a successful fashion designer for a long time. But what is the secret of the 40-year-old SUV? Why are your designs so popular with women? The little brunette has her own theory for this: Victoria Beckham wants women to feel comfortable in their clothes and “be the best version of themselves.” Victoria Beckham wants to do something good for women

Victoria Beckham has high demands on her own collections; After all, you not only want to wear exclusive clothing for women, but also make a difference to your customers. Compared to “The Independent,” the wife of former star David Beckham now said: “Even if I didn’t wear something, I know how women want to feel. How do you want to see yourself? I can identify with them, I can understand them. I want to empower women.“It seems that Victoria Beckham wants to make sure that her customers are completely satisfied with her collections. She has her own method for this, as she further reports: “I still try on all the clothes myself. I want to know how they feel. How I look? It is comfortable? It’s flattering?

Her approach and perfectionism are impressive – Victoria Beckham has simply become an integral part of the world of fashion. For 40-year-olds, fashion isn’t just a job, it’s a pure passion. The designer puts all her heart and soul into her designs; after all, your clients should feel as comfortable as possible. Victoria Beckham has truly found her calling!

Image Source: Getty Images / Ian Gavan