Victoria de Suecia: ¡Estelle es en gran medida la mamá!

Victoria from Sweden: Estelle is very much the mom!

Victoria from Sweden: Estelle is very much the mom!


wantedon 09/16/2013 | 11:45

The Swedish royal family has a new favorite: little Estelle. On the weekend his grandfather Carl Gustav celebrated the anniversary of his throne, but the whole country only had eyes for the daughter of Victoria of Sweden. Because like her mom, the little royal waved a flag, greeted her fans, and enjoyed the celebrations. Victoria from Sweden was clearly proud of her little one.

In the past, European royal families were often said to be old-fashioned and dusty, but the royal offspring are finally bringing a breath of fresh air to noble families. In Sweden, Estelle, the first daughter of the heiress to the Swedish throne Victoria, took on this role – and with great success! At the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the throne of her grandfather Carl Gustav, the pride of Victoria of Sweden and her husband Daniel was the absolute focus.

Victoria of Sweden celebrates with Estelle

To celebrate the day, Klein-Estelle’s grandparents celebrated the grand anniversary in the palace courtyard together with her mother Victoria from Sweden, the rest of the family and the Swedish people. As the king delivered a moving speech and even danced with his wife Silvia, all eyes were on Victoria’s offspring of Sweden. Estelle proudly waved the Swedish flag in her sweet pink dress and even greeted enthusiastic people politely. Victoria from Sweden becomes an aunt

Victoria of Sweden was at least as radiant as her little daughter. The future heir to the throne apparently enjoyed the little shows of her offspring and smiled with pride. But Estelle will soon have a cute competitor: Because Victoria’s younger sister from Sweden, Madeleine, is expecting her first child, who will be born in March 2014. Sweden can look forward to more sun!

Not just Swedes, we also love Victoria’s little daughter from Sweden. Let’s see when sweet Estelle begins her first official visit to Germany, then we have something to look forward to. Image Source: Gettyimages / Ragnar Singsaas