Victoria de Suecia está feliz por Leonore

Victoria from Sweden is happy for Leonore

Sweet niece

wantedon 03/12/2014 | 09:59

A few weeks have passed since Princess Madeleine gave birth to her daughter Leonore in New York, and Victoria of Sweden was still unable to personally receive her little niece. Time and time again, the Swedish heir to the throne came up with royal duties. However, Victoria from Sweden is very happy to join the family.

Ever since the Swedish royal family published their first photos of little Leonore, the whole world has been excited. Victoria from Sweden can’t escape the magic of her cute niece either. “She is incredibly cute,” revealed the 36-year-old, who has also only seen the new family member in pictures, in an interview with the tabloid “Expressen.” That is why Victoria from Sweden hopes to travel to New York soon to meet the little princess personally.

Victoria from Sweden thinks her niece is sweet as sugar

But not only Victoria from Sweden is happy with the young addition to the family. His daughter Estelle, who just celebrated her second birthday a few weeks ago, is also more than happy with her first cousin. He knows that Madeleine had a baby. She sees the photos and is happy for them “explained Victoria from Sweden. However, Estelle still doesn’t understand that the cute baby in the photo is actually a new member of the family.

Victoria from Sweden thinks Leonore’s name is beautiful

Victoria from Sweden also had only positive words to choose her sister’s name. Leonore is an excellent choice for new parents. “I think it’s a very nice name. It has a long tradition in our family “, commented the number 1 of the Swedish line of succession to the “Expressen”. When Victoria from Sweden can introduce little Leonore to the Swedish people together with her family she is still in the stars.

Little Leonore has already managed to enchant her aunt Victoria from Sweden with some photos. What will happen when the 36-year-old has her niece in her arms for the first time? In any case, we keep our fingers crossed that it arrives soon.

Image source: © Getty Images / Luca Teuchmann