Victoria de Suecia: orgullosa mamá de la pequeña delantera de pista Estelle

Victoria from Sweden: proud mom of little track forward Estelle

Victoria from Sweden: proud mom of little track forward Estelle

Family idyll

wantedon 03/01/2014 | 15:43

Who runs through the snow? With the support of Victoria of Sweden and Crown Prince Daniel, little Estelle of Sweden put on skis for the first time and looked great in her cute purple snowsuit. Mom and Dad are so proud of the little heir to the throne, who is bursting with liveliness and keeping her royal parents on their toes.

Real ski vacation

Pure Family Idyll: In early December, the Swedish royal family featured photos of the popular little family around Victoria from Sweden baking cookies with the sweet tooth Estelle. His first attempts at skiing followed his second Christmas party with Mama Victoria from Sweden and Papa Daniel. Armed with a helmet, pink sunglasses, and Swedish shoes, we step into the snow. Victoria of Sweden and Crown Prince Daniel of Sweden always made sure that nothing happened. But there can be no shaky question: Estelle clearly demonstrates her father’s talent and they smile skillfully and proudly at the camera. Victoria of Sweden just had to press the trigger!

Victoria of Sweden sprained her ankle

Victoria and her daughter Estelle

The victory of Sweden, meanwhile, suffered that day. He sprained his ankle while on a family vacation in the Italian ski paradise of Cervinia. Oh! But being able to see her sweet one-year-old daughter eagerly storming onto the slopes certainly eased her pain again. Despite Victoria from Sweden’s injury, the little family started 2014 happy and satisfied. They reported on Facebook with the sweet snapshot of Estelle and the words: “Happy New Year!”

What will the new year bring for little Estelle from Sweden? Her second birthday will be in February, how exciting! Hopefully we’ll see more cute snapshots of Victoria from Sweden and her lovely little family.

Image source: Image 1: and Daniel von Schweden Image 2: gettyimages / Torsten Laursen