Victoria de Suecia lleva a Estelle al preescolar

Victoria from Sweden takes Estelle to preschool

Victoria from Sweden takes Estelle to preschool

School enrollment

wantedthe 22/08/2014 | 10:20

It was not only in Germany that the seriousness of life for little I-Dötzchen dawned yesterday: school enrollment was the order of the day and everywhere 6-year-old excitedly ran through the streets with their XXL school cones. For the Swedish princess Estelle, daughter of Victoria of Sweden, her big day arrived yesterday …

Little Estelle is only two years old, but Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Daniel have decided Estelle will be sent regularly to preschool starting next Monday.. That is why it is common in the Victoria homeland of Sweden.

Victoria from Sweden takes Estelle to kindergarten

In a press release, Victoria of Sweden announced on behalf of the entire Swedish royal family that her daughter would be enrolled in a nursery in the Danderyd district of Stockholm. The facility should be known for its sustainability and so-called “outdoor education” and give children a feeling for the environment and nature.. The name of the nursery that Victoria from Sweden chose for Klein-Estelle speaks for the facility: “Äventyret” means “adventure” in German. Estelle can look forward to her preschool days!

Sweden Victory: Really Great Klein-Estelle!

Be outside in any weather, play happily, and completely free from court etiquette! Your new daily show should attract Victoria’s little daughter from Sweden. After all, Estelle is known among Swedes for her liveliness. And the two-year-old won’t have to say goodbye to Mom and Dad either. As reported by “”, Victoria of Sweden and Crown Prince Daniel have agreed to take over the gardening of the nursery twice a year.. Then the whole family can play together in nature!

It is time for each mother to say goodbye to her own child at school. It will also be a particularly exciting day for Victoria from Sweden, who is often separated from her daughter due to dating, and from little Estelle. In any case, we wish the little princess lots of “Aventyrets”!

Image source: gettyimages / Luca Teuchmann