Victoria de Suecia trabaja contra la diabetes

Victoria from Sweden works against diabetes

Victoria from Sweden works against diabetes

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Hardly any other member of royalty is as passionate about charity as Victoria of Sweden. Fighting diabetes is particularly important to the Crown Princess. The reason for this is very private …

Victoria from Sweden is very familiar with diseases. Not just yourself His father and brother also suffer from a severe form of weakness in reading and writing.that didn’t always make life easier for them.

Victoria from Sweden works against diabetes

Her husband, Crown Prince Daniel, also has a difficult fate: The 41-year-old has suffered from acute kidney disease for years. Therefore, it is a matter close to Victoria’s heart from Sweden to get involved in charities. She is also committed to fighting diabetes for a very personal reason.

Victoria from Sweden dominates the emotional appearance

“Expressen” reports that a very close friend of Victoria’s from Sweden had been suffering from type 1 diabetes since childhood, which had a lasting impact on the king’s daughter. Since then, the 37-year-old has been dedicated to the fight against diabetes. The appearance last week in Linköping on the 25th anniversary of the Children’s Diabetes Fund, of which Victoria of Sweden is the sponsor, should have especially touched the king’s beautiful daughter.

Victoria of Sweden was born the king’s daughter with a golden spoon in her mouth, but the 37-year-old knows what sickness means, and not just from hearsay. It’s great that you use your own experiences for charitable work!Image Source: Ragnar Singsaas / Getty Images