Victoria Swarovski se convierte en miembro del jurado de "Super Talent"

Victoria Swarovski becomes a member of the “Super Talent” jury

Victoria Swarovski becomes a member of the jury of "Super talent"

New job!

After Victoria Swarovski was able to show her talent on the dance floor in “Let’s Dance” and achieved the victory, she can now judge the skills of others for herself. Beauty is the new jury of “Das Supertalent”, in the past there was already speculation about her participation.

Victoria Swarovski becomes a jury

Now it’s official: Victoria Swarovski succeeds Inka Bause, as RTL has announced. Accordingly, the 22-year-old will complement the jury around Dieter Bohlen and Bruce Darnell in the upcoming season of “Das Supertalent” and evaluate the talent of the candidates. It starts next Sunday. Then Victoria will have her first day on the job and will be in front of the camera to record the show in Essen. Other filming dates will take place in Bremen in August.

“I am very happy to be part of the ‘Supertalent’”, RTL quotes Victoria Swarovski. He also says: “I love people, music, dance, art. Simply everything that is beautiful, exciting, fun and special. ” It is a great gift for her to experience so many talents up close. As the “Let’s Dance” winner also said, she is looking forward to her new job and excited to see what awaits her.

The jury girl is built near the water

There are many candidates waiting for Victoria Swarovski and her two fellow jurors in the 10th anniversary season of “Das Supertalent”. RTL has distributed participants in 40 cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Mallorca. As RTL writes, the girl on the jury decided to judge the performance in a friendly but also honest way. She doesn’t want to hide her feelings: “I think I’m very excited. When something emotional comes up, I’m always very close to the water, ”reveals Victoria Swarovski.

We are excited to see how Victoria Swarovski will fare on the “Das Supertalent” jury bench. The answer will be given in the fall of this year: then the talent show will be broadcast on television.

Image Source: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images