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Video interviews

“Groupies don’t stay for breakfast”Lila (Anna Fischer) has to hear this phrase! The 17-year-old falls madly in love with Chriz (Kostja Ullmann). After a great day together, the student realizes: Your Chriz is not just a cute boy, but the singer of “Center of Berlin”. A band that sets the hearts of teenagers racing. By the time you realize that, it is too late. Chriz and Lila are totally in love.

You can see in the romantic strip that such a love can also bring a lot of problems.“Groupies don’t stay for breakfast” pretty good. Paparazzi and hysterical fans lurk everywhere, tough contracts forbid Chriz from having a friend, and Lila gets stressed around her too. The two of you need a lot to be together. It remains to be seen if the fight for love is worth it!

Kostja Ullmann He’s an actor from start to finish, so it was even more interesting for him to play rock star Chriz. But “Berlin Mitte” doesn’t just cause excitement in the movie “Groupies Don’t Stay for Breakfast”: Bei “The dome” the band has already been celebrated. In the video interview, he reveals how the sweet actor continues musically.

Bringing a lot of rock experience Anna fischer With. In addition to her work as an actress, she is the lead singer of the band “Panda”. The band have made a name for themselves on the rock scene with self-written Berlin-style texts. You can find out what is more fun here:

>> Video interview with Anna Fischer

The film will be released on September 16, the soundtrack with songs from “Berlin Mitte” will be released on September 17. We are also giving away fan packs and a “Groupies Don’t Stay for Breakfast” mini video camera.