VideoProc: software de edición de video con importación de DVD y función de descarga de YouTube

VideoProc – Video Editing Software with DVD Import and YouTube Download Function

Would you like to edit your latest vacation videos into a nice clip? Thanks to VideoProc, you no longer need a powerful PC or expensive software. GPU acceleration distributes the load from the processor to the graphics card. The video editor allows you to cut videos together easily and remove unwanted objects by cropping the video. You can also add subtitles and add effects. With the help of simple tools, the shaking can be eliminated and the so-called fisheye effect of the action cams can be reduced. The software can also filter environmental and wind noise.

Almost all smartphones, cameras and formats are supported

VideoProc is compatible with almost all smartphones, action cameras, drones, cameras and camcorders available on the market. Videos can be cut and exported in 4K quality.

Countless additional features

VideoProc has a multitude of additional features, so the software is even worth checking out if you don’t want to edit any videos.

Create gifs

GIFs can be created and exported from short video clips. This is how you can create your own gifs for messaging and social media apps.

Convert videos

VideoProc can convert all common formats and make videos easier to play. Large video files can be reduced in size and carried with your smartphone or tablet.

Import DVD

With VideoProc you can import DVDs and convert them into video files that can be played on your smartphone or tablet. So that you can protect your favorite DVDs from scratches or losses.

Download videos

With a built-in download function, VideoProc can download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms and save them in various formats. Full playlists and live streams can also be saved with VideoProc.

Recording screen

With VideoProc you can record your screen and, if you wish, your webcam at the same time. A voiceover can also be added during or after recording

Currently reduced by almost 60 percent

VideoProc is currently available as a New Years offer at a discount of almost 60 percent. The annual license costs 27.95 euros. For a lifetime license, you currently only pay € 38.95 instead of € 75.90. To receive the discount, you must use the coupon code “JANSAVE” when purchasing.