Oppo defiende su carga rápida: la batería apenas está dañada

Vivo and Oppo are really serious in Germany now and how can we tell

Oppo defends its fast charging: the battery is hardly damaged

Vivo and Oppo join Samsung’s leading PR staff and 1 & 1, the two OnePlus sisters want to show more presence in Germany.

Oppo and Vivo have opened their own offices in Germany in the recent past, so the future strategy was already predictable. Furthermore, new smartphones had been introduced to the German market time and again in recent months. First online by the way, then with the German press department and test teams. The seriousness of Vivo and Oppo in the German market, which are part of the umbrella group, including OnePlus, show the personal ads of the last days.

Known public relations people change employers

These details may not be clear to a reader without “details”, the names may be unfamiliar to you. But Oppo had been able to win over 1 & 1’s Peter Manderfeld in recent days, while at the same time Barbara Gehl switched from Samsung to Vivo after seven years from the German PR team. This is not a blank slate in the industry, quite the contrary.

If you can get the best people on board and also pull them out of well-known companies, the direction for the next few months seems clear. Oppo and Vivo will show a significantly larger presence in Germany. Like Xiaomi recently. Due to the weakening of Huawei, an opportunity has opened that one would like to seize.