Vodafone y Unu lanzan al mercado los patinetes eléctricos conectados

Vodafone and Unu launch connected electric scooters

Vodafone and Unu launch connected electric scooters

Telecom provider Vodafone networked startup Unu’s electric scooter in Berlin in spring 2019. Now the mobility company has been included in the Vodafons ‘Uplift’ start-up program and the first ones will soon be visible results. At this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) Unu wants to present its connected scooter to the general public.

E-scooters and the Internet of Things

The Unu networked scooter has several advantages over a conventional scooter. In addition to navigation and theft protection, the scooter portfolio also includes the so-called micro-sharing. The term hides the possibility of sharing the “ignition key” with friends and family. Then they can simply unlock the scooter with their smartphone and use it themselves. The user can determine where the scooter can be parked on a map. In the future, Unu plans to add other digital functions to the two-wheeler. The updates are then played automatically, similar to the smartphone.

Apart from network functions, the Unu-Scooter can reach speeds of 50 km / h and cover a distance of 100 km with two batteries. Users can then remove the battery from the vehicle and charge it at any outlet in the house, for example.

Pre-orders are in progress

Those interested can currently reserve the e-scooter as a pre-order package under special conditions. In this case, Unu will deliver the scooter in early 2020. Regular sales will begin in February, with the scooter changing hands starting at a price of 2,799 euros. If you don’t have the change in your wallet, you can rent the scooter from large exchange providers. Unu wants to break into the international shared market with the scooter soon.