Vodafone Logo und Schriftzug an einer Hauswand

Vodafone Kabel: 1000 Mbit / s line for less than 40 euros – and Unitymedia dies

Vodafone Logo und Schriftzug an einer Hauswand

The reason for the new rate, which will initially only be available until April, is the merger of the Vodafone and Unitymedia networks. Vodafone took over Unitymedia last August. Under the slogan “One network, one brand, one rate, from today we are one”, Vodafone now offers this rate nationwide.

“The gigabit network for Germany is here. For 17 million households ”, says the head of Vodafone, Hannes Ametsreiter. In one go, Vodafone has improved another 5.5 million homes in Unitymedia’s three previous federal states: Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Thanks to the new DOCSIS 3.1 transmission standard, gigabit offering can now be done here. Vodafone aims to reach 25 million homes by 2022.

Unitymedia becomes Vodafone

At the same time as the network assembled, Vodafone is taking the Unitymedia brand off the market. The stores are being redesigned, receiving the Vodafone logo known throughout Germany and the corresponding equipment. And the product ranges are also merging. Unitymedia stores have been selling Vodafone wireless products since September last year. Fixed line and television offers will also be standardized here in the coming weeks.

Gigabit connection is becoming affordable

Until April 5, Vodafone now offers a gigabit rate that was previously unimaginable in terms of price. For just € 39.99 per month, customers can get an internet connection with a downstream 1,000 Mbit / s, that is, one gigabit, in addition to the mandatory flat rate for fixed telephony. This price is permanent for customers and will not increase after one or two years. Disadvantage of the wired gigabit offering: Unlike a fiber optic connection, which also offers gigabit data speeds, currently only 50 Mbit / s are technically possible in the upstream. In the future, however, this should also increase.

The rate includes a standard cable modem without WiFi. If you want to use a FritzBox, you can rent the FritzBox 6591 Cable for 6.99 euros per month. The offer also applies to existing customers; they can be changed online or at customer service. There are no one-time publication or shipping costs. However, if you want to change the rate as an existing customer, you will most likely need to change your modem as well. Only the fewest routers on the market support the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. You can also buy the modem as the new FritzBox 6660 Cable in stores and use it on the Vodafone network.

DSL changer: Free for up to 1 year

By the way: customers who still have a connection with another provider can change until April 5. If your DSL contract runs through August 2020, for example, you can still request the promotional rate now and request a change. Vodafone will change its gigabit connection now, but it won’t have to pay for it until August. Vodafone will also see that your old connection is canceled and that your phone numbers are transferred to Vodafone. The second free connection is possible for up to 12 months.

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