Entrada de voz mejorada: Google tiene novedades para el Asistente de Google

Voice input for Assistant devices: Google changes sensitivity

Improved voice input: Google has news for the Google Assistant

Hello Google, sometimes you are too sensitive. A new setting allows us to change that, then Hey Google reacts less sensitively if requested.

Google has a new feature for devices with an Assistant that will roll out to devices these days. At least that’s the case in English-speaking countries. There you can now configure for Google Home devices the sensitivity with which the respective device should react to “Hey Google”. Since groups of words are always understood as keywords that shouldn’t trigger the Google Assistant at all, a lower sensitivity might be helpful.

I’ve wanted it for a long time because the assistant always reacts to the television.

Google Assistant: Sensitivity can finally be set

Because your own accent / dialect or maybe even a language disability makes working with the Google Assistant difficult, increasing your sensitivity in turn could bring the desired improvement. There are currently three different levels for this new setting, so the standard can only reduce sensitivity once or increase it by one level.

There are different ways to make these adjustments. You can go through Google Home (app), select the respective assistant speaker and open its settings (gear symbol). If the new option is available, it should appear between “Discovery and Personalization” and “Notifications.” In Germany, probably as “Hey Google Sensibility”.

Definitely usable for devices that come from Google or from an association (smart displays).