Tonos rubios cálidos: ¿cuál te conviene?

Warm blonde shades: which one suits you?

Warm blonde shades: which one suits you?

Gold, honey, caramel

Right now, no one can get enough of cool, ashy shades of blonde. Warm blonde, which tends to look a bit more natural, is more timeless. But who really suits him and how can you distinguish between individual shades of blonde?

Who suits the warm blonde?

It is well known that the blonde is not always blonde. Countless facets and new hues often make choosing a color difficult. It is also important to get the correct color so that the result favors your own type.

Warm complexion: warm blonde.

First of all: if you have a fairly pale and cool complexion, warm undertones are probably not your thing. At least not if you don’t like bronzers or foundation with a warm touch. However, if you have a warm skin color, a beige or olive undertone, a warm blonde is the one for you. Especially with darker or tanned skin, blonde tones that are too light and cool can quickly appear too artificial. Colors that flatter the complexion appear more natural here. Do you still have freckles? So we go with golden blonde & Co.

These are the most important warm shades of blonde.

# Golden blond

The golden blonde is a slightly yellowish blonde that looks very classy. It shines beautifully in the sun and is a great shade for summer when skin is tanned.

# Wheat blonde

The wheat blonde gets its name from the fields of golden grain. This rather lighter shade of blonde is almost neutral, but still has a slightly warm undertone.

# Honey blonde

Honey blonde is a bit darker and less yellow than golden blonde. It has a more orange-red hue. Honey blonde can also look great in a balayage look.

# Caramel blonde

A caramel blonde, also known as a toffee blonde, is quickly created when brown hair is lightened with some undertones. This darker and warmer shade of blonde favors a dark complexion and brown or blue eyes especially.


Don’t you want to fully commit between blonde and brunette? The trend shade Bronde combines the advantages of both colors and is slightly golden.

# Blonde-red

Red here is a noticeable shade of blonde, the color tends to copper. This shade looks particularly gorgeous with green or blue eyes.

# Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde has an undertone that turns pink, so it’s not as warm as red blonde. Amber blonde is also a possible name for this shade.

The advantages of warm blonde tones

Warm blonde tones tend to look very natural. Many of the shades have very natural highlights and the hair often looks as if it has been lightened by the sun. So if you are more of the reserved and natural type, a warm blonde can suit you very well. But the shades also work great with elegant looks.

Another advantage of warm blonde is that your natural hair color generally doesn’t have to lighten as much as if you want to achieve a cool blonde. Because most of us have stubborn red pigments in our hair, some of which stick around when we lighten it. Regardless, bleached hair often automatically has a warm shade. However, you need to be careful when bleaching, because a yellow tint is by no means golden blonde. So you may have to tint your hair later. So if you are new to dyeing, going to a good hairdresser is always your best option. And if you don’t want to dye your entire hair, ombré may be a good option for you: this hair coloring technique works particularly well in warm tones.

In the video we explain how you can dye your hair yourself:

Makeup and hairstyle for your warm blonde

If you have managed to turn your mane into angelic splendor, then you can continue the warm color tone with your makeup and hairstyle. Clothes in shades like gold, dark green, ruby ​​red or cream suit you perfectly. Cool pastel colors like light pink or mint can now look a bit out of place if your blonde is too warm. When it comes to makeup, you can use soft nude tones, smoky eyes instead of gray, especially gold, tan, or a sleek green.

Personally, I like caramel blonde better with an ombré look, and that’s how I put my hair on for a while. What warm blonde shade is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!