"Cuerpos cálidos"-Director Jonathan Levine en conversación para el próximo proyecto de comedia de Amy Schumer

"Warm bodies"-Director Jonathan Levine in conversation for Amy Schumer’s upcoming comedy project

"Warm bodies"-Director Jonathan Levine in conversation for Amy Schumer's upcoming comedy project

Jonathan Levine can take on the new film project for “Dating Queen” Amy Schumer. This is supposed to be a complicated mother-daughter relationship.

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Her (non) relationship comedy “Dating Queen” has been in German cinemas since August 13, 2015 and Amy Schumer is already planning a new film project. This time, however, not Judd Apatow should be taking the director’s chair, but Jonathan Levine, who currently agrees with industry insiders. Deadline is considered an attractive candidate for the position. Levine directed the zombie love story “Warm Bodies” and the tragic comedy “50/50 – Friends for (Über) Leben.”

In the untitled comedy project with action elements, the focus will be on a mother-daughter relationship that will be put to the test when a vacation together goes very wrong. Katie Dippold (“The Heat”) wrote the script, which was inspired by her relationship with her own mother. Comedy star Amy Schumer and her sister Katie Caramele made changes to the script. Paul Feig’s company Feigco Entertainment is behind the production. But first, with “The Three Kings,” another Levine comedy will make audiences laugh. In Germany, the Friends’ Christmas Slam with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt begins on December 10, 2015.