Advertencia: ¡Nunca conteste este número!

Warning: Never answer this number!

Warning: Never answer this number!

Because that, naturally, costs foreign tariffs. The number +382680982870 for example you come from Montenegro, and that can be very expensive for you if you call back!

How reported, countless negative reviews on various online portals are piling up by the number. Sometimes the calls even seem to take place in the middle of the night. If you answer, you have an English-speaking call center that wants to sell you something.

Here’s how you can protect yourself against harassment online: Strong on the Internet

Phone scam: how do I protect myself?

In principle, you should not disclose your personal data, including your mobile phone number, where requested. And if you have a strange number on the screen, you need to Google it first. Most of the time there are already entries in which there is a warning of the number.

This “So Cute” WhatsApp message is also a nasty WhatsApp trap!