Wastewater costs are reviewed again

In the context of the municipal council meeting on Wednesday evening in Aischgrundhalle, a request from the ABWI (Adelsdorf Citizens and Voters Initiative) was also on the agenda, which addressed the revision of the resolution on the calculation of water residuals.

Ralf Olmesdahl vividly described the reasons that, in his opinion, warranted a review. In addition to the personnel costs and costs imputed for the high-load digestion, he mainly mentioned the inter-municipal contract with Hemhofen and the discharge of the Hemhofen sewage, which meant that the fixed costs should be spread over significantly more shoulders. “In the area of ​​compensation amounts, citizens paid a clear surplus of 640,781 euros. In addition, this area shows an indefinite income of 23,830 euros. If the fees paid from Hemhofen here alone (0.64 euros / m³) for its wastewater discharges are added, this subsidy of 153,600 euros should be taken into account.

Olmesdahl went on to mention that the Seeside development area added 550 units, resulting in connection fees of around 1.1 million euros.

Mayor Karsten Fischkal (FW) suggests waiting for the test report from the Bavarian municipal audit association. “If you make a mistake, you could talk about it.” When asked when the test report should be expected, Chamberlain Christian Bertleff replied that the report was already with the speaker: “When it arrives it is written in the stars.”

The water damage at Kunterbunt’s nursery was also on the table. “The drying process ended on October 16,” explained Fischkal, “the question was asked about the amount of water. 100 liters were incurred ”. Fischkal further stated that ozone treatment was carried out. “The chemist was there to see if there were mold spores. We will receive the result in three weeks. The dismantling and renovation work is already beginning ”. “Is it true that children have to leave the Aischgrundhalle?” Asked Michael Auer (Greens). Fischkal confirmed: “Because it is too cold. Children have to stay in the lobby, but they have to exit the first third of the hall. We looked at the bunker and the DJK. We will see what we can do ”.

Just a rumor

“There is a rumor that children cannot go to the gym for school sports, but have to go out because the complaints came from kindergarten about the volume,” said Ralf Olmesdahl. “Letting children exercise outside in cold weather would not be good.” “It is a rumor,” replied Fischkal, “physical education is carried out quite normally.”

Corona is also a topic at this meeting. “All of Bavaria is red,” says Fischkal. “But our nurseries are yellow. We have a crown case in a kindergarten. What we fear most is that our teachers will have to be quarantined. That affects all kindergartens. We are all in the same boat”.

There are positive things to report about the gym: “The floor is inside, the walls and doors still need to be done. But we can still move this year, “Fischkal said,” there are still some bets. Between the rector and the doorman. We hope that the rector wins, so we can move this year. “