Nuevas fotos y más: eso está en el nuevo reloj inteligente de Xiaomi

Watch Color: New Model for Xiaomi Smart Watch

New photos and more: that's in the new Xiaomi smartwatch

Xiaomi is already announcing another model shortly after its first smartwatch, the new Watch Color will be available shortly after the turn of the year.

Xiaomi will show another smartwatch for the next few days, this time with a round case. They had shown their first smartwatch months ago, but with a reputation for having especially copied the Apple Watch. This is not a creepy accusation. Now there is another model on the market, the Watch Color. The first images show the new model, this time the case is round and not square.

Amazfit watch with Xiaomi brand?

Today not much is known about the new model. Xiaomi only talks about a particularly long battery life. Rather, it could mean that this time it’s not an Android watch, but a device with a smaller real-time operating system. Maybe it’s just a well-known Amazfit model with its own brand? Huami and Xiaomi have been partners for years.

Xiaomi shows the new Color Smartwatch on January 3, then we will know more about the new device.

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