Das Netflix Logo in Los Gatos

Watch Netflix for free: this content is available for free

Das Netflix Logo in Los Gatos

At times like these, not having an account on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video is almost unimaginable for many. However, there are enough people around the world who have not reserved paid access. Netflix’s new offering comes in handy: The streaming service is now making some of its own productions available for free.

Specifically, the documentation produced by Netflix can now be viewed on YouTube. There are a total of 34 pieces available. However, the documentaries are only available in English; Netflix has now added subtitles, also in German.

Some high-quality documentaries are available on YouTube, such as:

  • Our Planet (documentaries about nature and animals)
  • Summary (topics: architecture, photography and design)
  • Babies (theme: children)
  • Period. End of a sentence (Topic: Stigma period)
  • Chasing Choral (Theme: Coral reefs under the sign of climate change)
  • 13 (Subject: US Constitution)
  • Explained (topic: current social issues)
  • Zion (portrait of a wrestler who was born without legs)

Watch Netflix for free: education is in the background

The origin of the action is the educational mandate. In the United States, many teachers use Netflix documentaries in their classrooms. The presentation of the “Educational Documentaries” is only allowed by the streaming service under certain conditions. Documentaries can only be screened in schools, universities or book clubs and have no commercial background.

The fact that some internal productions can now be seen on the Netflix YouTube channel is due to the fact that school closures due to the corona pandemic resulted in increased demand for the content by teachers. Netflix explains this in a blog post. In addition to documentation, there is other material available for teachers and students, such as photographs.