Ten cuidado con las niñas  Este video de selfie muestra el peligro de las gotas de nocaut

Watch out for girls This selfie video shows the danger of knockout drops

Girls develop a straw that protects them from knockout drops

Three High school students Victoria Roca, Susana Cappello and Carolina Baigorri from Miami has one straw invented that detects drugs in drinks. If you touch a liquid, it indicates whether the substances KO flunitrazepam, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, and the anesthetic ketamine are in it. The three girls came up with the idea during a business conference..

“We are aware that straw is not a solution to stop rape forever, but we want to reduce the rate of rape and protect girls from dangerous situations”says Carolina Baigorri of Inside Edition.

Can you still beat it? Yes! Because students already know exactly what their next step will be: a crowdfunding campaign should raise enough money to get the super straws sustainable and in large quantities to produce. All three inventors even patented their brilliant idea: no one else can steal the invention now.

We hope that the magic straws will also be available soon in Germany. After all, the invention fits perfectly in the bag and does not attract attention at parties.

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Nail polish must recognize knockout drops

In a course at North Carolina State University, four students developed a Nail polish that discolors when in contact with KO substances. All the woman has to do is put her painted finger on the glass and see if the color stays the same. Really good idea!

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Each of us knows someone who has lived through this horrific experience and we have focused on proactive measures, especially those that could be incorporated into products already used by women. Then came the idea of ​​creating a nail polish that recognizes rape drugs “, all four said about their project, which was supported by crowdfunding. “While anti-rape drugs are often used to facilitate sexual abuse, there are very few ways to detect them. Our goal is to develop technologies that give women the ability to protect themselves from this gruesome and gruesome crimes of increasing size. “

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the nail polish will be available to purchase. The “Undercover Colors” project is currently under development. We will keep you informed!

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