Tatuajes de acuarela: una acuarela en la piel

Watercolor tattoos: a watercolor on the skin

Watercolor tattoos: a watercolor on the skin


As if a painter has taken it off his skin – watercolor tattoos create this impression. They are also known as watercolor tattoos or simply in German, watercolor tattoos and evoke a unique piece of art on the skin. You can see the most beautiful motifs for watercolor tattoos here for inspiration!

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There are quite a few tattoo trends these days: jet black, large-scale opaque tattoos, chiffon tattoos, white tattoos or, for example, small tattoos that have become a modern and fashionable alternative to the sins of youth like the giant tribes, questionable Chinese characters and antlers. Now another trend is emerging, or rather, another trend is emerging on our skin. Watercolor tattoos ensure that tattoo artists have to prove their artistic skills once again. And as you can see from countless pictures on the internet, many of them are hit with great success!

Watercolor tattoos are filigree.

This is what makes watercolor tattoos

What distinguishes watercolor tattoos from classic tattoos are mostly the colors, which don’t have hard edges, but are etched fluently, just like watercolors. So it doesn’t look like you have walked on the skin with a needle, but with a brush. Smooth transitions and finely drawn contours, over which a little color deliberately runs, determine the image.

The colors seem painted with a brush.

When it comes to motives, of course, you can let your creativity run wild. From delicate flowers to animal motifs drawn and colored with paint splatters, anything is possible. Classic sayings or motifs as a key can be spiced up with the watercolor style. This works very well because the colors in this type of tattoo are quite light and transparent, so they don’t cover anything, but rather remain subtly in the background.

The most beautiful watercolor tattoo designs

Are you as excited about watercolor tattoos as we are? Thinking of getting one for yourself with the tattoo artist you trust? So all that’s missing is the right motive! We have collected some great ideas for you here.

How about this colorful cat motif, for example?

Also a good idea: this watercolor tattoo is inspired by the movie “Above”:

You can also have the whole world on your skin, for example in a mini watercolor format:

Here a pentagram and clef have been updated with a watercolor tattoo:

Poppies that look like they were painted with a brush adorn this leg:

Here the color seems to have literally run:

Watercolor tattoos look unique and as if they will gently wash off your skin the next time it rains. But of course not. Anyone with a watercolor motif like this will definitely enjoy it longer than the paper and brush version. How do you like watercolor tattoos? Or do you want to get a temporary one instead of a real tattoo? Then learn from us how you can get a henna tattoo yourself.

Image Source: iStock / rodjulian, iStock / join-annie