Tatuaje de onda: significado e imágenes para el sujeto

Wave tattoo: meaning and images for the subject

For women and men

Anna Grosson 08/21/2017 | 10:19

What is the meaning of a wave tattoo? You can find the wave tattoo background as well as numerous images as a template for the water motif here. Before that, we have some typical mistakes that many make before going to the tattoo artist. Many people regret the number ten their entire lives!

What does a wave tattoo mean?

A wave tattoo has its origin in water, one of the most important elements for the human, animal and plant world, without whose existence and survival it would not be possible. Ancient cultures already knew from the beginning the importance of water for the sustenance of life, which is by no means the only one.

# 1 staple

In all cultures, water is one of the four basic elements of life, along with fire, air and earth.

# 2 habitat

With water as a habitat, a wave tattoo is often used in relation to marine life such as dolphins, starfish, or turtles. The combination with maritime symbols such as a compass tattoo is equally popular. Since water also provides a habitat for plants, a lotus flower tattoo with a framed wave tattoo or waves is often applied to the skin.

# 3 strength

The power of water cannot be denied, which is why a wave tattoo is often said to symbolize strength.

# 4 life and death

Water can give and take life, as the destructive forces of a hurricane, typhoon or tsunami demonstrate too tragically.

# 5 purity

Clear water or clear water waves generally represent purity.

# 6 cleaning

No other culture than that of the ancient Celts believed more in the fact that water and waves had the ability to wash away everything negative or cleanse it from evil.

# 7 Serenity and regeneration

The moon is supposed to be the clock for the movement or migration of marine animals and therefore also influences the movements of water and oceans. For example, a wave tattoo with a shallow swell can symbolically represent the wearer’s philosophy of life, in which, for example, he is calmly carried away by the events around him or uses the indefinite hustle and bustle for his regeneration.

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# 8 rebirth

The ups and downs of the waves are often a symbol of the cycle of life and rebirth.

The importance of the wave at a glance

  • Basic element
  • habitat
  • strength
  • Life death
  • purity
  • cleaning
  • Serenity and regeneration
  • Renaissance

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Regardless of whether it is a wave tattoo or a maritime steering wheel tattoo – whatever reason you choose – your choice should always be based on your own taste. Tell us about your tattoo ideas in the comments!

Image Sources: iStock / mabe123, iStock / itskatjas

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