Depilarse está fuera: cómo dar forma a las cejas XXL

Waxing is out: how to shape XXL brows

Waxing is out: how to shape XXL brows

Beauty trend

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While the eyebrows could not be thin enough in the 90s, the trend towards the eyebrow has clearly developed in recent years. True to the motto “If you wax, you lose”, the eyebrows are apparently completely left to their own devices. As wild as the growth may seem, there is much more care behind the attractive naturalness than you might think at first glance. Because a criminally unkempt brow is almost as bad as shaving it. What to keep in mind when shaping and plucking a distinctive brow, and how to shape it to match your face, we explain step-by-step here and in our photo show.

The trend towards bushy brows was shaped primarily by top models on international catwalks, because while many Hollywood divas could still be seen with perfectly plucked brows, the runway beauties around Cara Delevingne and co. With her wild eyebrows, Cara even pioneered the furry trend. She says she doesn’t think much about tweezers and only helps between the brows to avoid a “cute brow.”

The first steps

We face! We are also one of those women who had to follow certain trends in the 90s to always be up to date, with the result of which we are struggling today: the eyebrows just don’t want to grow, especially now that they do. wide eyebrows are the ultimate and finally cry out for more naturalness on women’s faces. Eyebrows shape and contour the face and make simple eye makeup a fascinating attraction.

If you are one of those women who may have pulled out one or the other hair too much in the past, don’t panic, we can solve it: first, stop pulling yourself forever, especially your natural To make the shape of the eyebrow recognizable . For about two months, only pluck the “outliers” under the brow hair, otherwise do so without plucking as much as possible.

The perfect eyebrow

If you finally have some volume on your forehead after you have stopped waxing, now you need to find the perfect shape for you. The bushy brow trend is not recommended for everyone. For example, if your face is very narrow, an eyebrow that is too wide can be quite annoying. So try to widen your current brow a bit with a stencil and brow pencil and first ask your best friend if this look suits you. Before and after photos can also help make a difference. If the critic and you are convinced, then the eyebrow can now grow little by little, but it does not mean that you throw your tweezers in the trash and let the hair sprout randomly in front of you, but simply with a little more system to the waxing and especially when grooming.

The deciding factor for a perfect brow is of course the length. For this, a trick that is still very popular is recommended: place a pencil vertically in the nostril and the inner corner of the eye and you will already know how far the eyebrow can reach the nose. The trick works in a similar way at the other end: the pencil is placed in the nostril and in the outer corner of the eye. The point where the pencil and the eyebrow meet is the end. All the hairs that come after that say goodbye.

But not only the length is decisive, but also the right arch, because only this gives your face this very distinctive feature, and therefore it must be tailored exactly to you. As a general rule of thumb, the arch should go up three-quarters and a quarter down. So, it means that the highest point of the arch is about one third of the brow, depending on how the original brow line looks. The higher your eyebrow is raised, the more dramatic your facial expression becomes.

The correct plucking

Before plucking, comb your eyebrows with a brush in the direction of growth and draw the shape of your dreams, ideally with an eyebrow pencil. Now the hairs that dance out of the line can be plucked evenly on both sides. However, only wax dark hair and get as natural as possible.

If you are very sensitive to pain, cool the brow area with ice cubes before waxing. Pinch the skin with your thumb and index finger, then the hair will be pulled in the direction of growth. To really grab all the hairs, we recommend using light tweezers. Please make sure to erase the eyebrow-related razor from your memory, because if you put it on, the stubble that sprouts out afterwards looks like nasty blackheads.

Proper care

The hair on the eyebrows also grows, the longer they get, the more they curl and often resist the shape you want, even despite daily styling. You can shorten the hair on your eyebrows as well as the hair on your head. However, if you never put your hands on the scissors randomly, you risk leaving unsightly gaps. On the other hand, do it like you would at the hair salon and style your hair with a small comb. Cut off the piece that is still accessible above the comb. Anything that you cannot reach for the comb teeth with the scissors is perfectly measured and should not be cut.

If you still have small gaps in your brows after shaping and plucking your hair, or if they don’t seem full enough, you can help with a brow powder or brow pencil. Don’t paint thick sticks, just apply them. The correct fill color must match that of your eyebrows and in no case be darker than the natural color of your eyebrows.

Lastly, reposition your hand with the brush, shape your brows one last time, and tame stubborn hairs with brow gel. Well-groomed Busch brows are ready.

See in our photo how bushy eyebrows should look and which beauty tools are best for your appearance.

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