Formas de evitar la entrada de datos duplicados en Excel

Ways to avoid duplicate data entry in Excel

Ways to avoid duplicate data entry in Excel

Woman program. In fact, Excel offers a multitude of forms and facilities that are undoubtedly effective in data management, ensuring a smooth work process that is quite complicated. One of them is duplicating input data in a worksheet in ms.Excel. In fact, sometimes when entering data there is the same data, but this requires that unique data be created so that there are no similarities.

When running worker processes with ms. Excel Of course, the data to be created must be unique, which means that the data cannot be identical to the others. For example, customer ID, main number, product code, etc. Unlike Microsoft Access, in which the primary key is available, the option is not available in MS.Excel. Therefore, we must take steps to avoid duplicate data entry in MS. Standing out.

To do this, you can use the Data validation. Using the function menu, if you are entering data or entering data in cells. These are checked immediately. If the data does not exist yet, it will be displayed. However, if it already exists, a message will appear stating that the data already exists and does not need to be re-entered.

Use Data validation so that it doesn’t happen Dual input There are several options in Excel, namely:

1. Select first Area or cell depending on what is being validated. For example, in cells A2 through A10, then Block area the.

2. After completing the first step, select the tab Data> Data Validation> Data Validation
3. Next on the tab Hiring – Validation criteriaon the menu allow Select Custom and then enter the formula in the formula menu = COUNTIF ($ A $ 2: $ A $ 10: A2) = 1
4. Then click Tab alert, in the title and Error message Complete. This will cause an error message to be displayed if the data you entered appears to have existed before.
5. If so, click OK and then Next. Cell A2: A1 applied double data validation. If you enter data in the cell that happens to be available, a message with duplicate data will be denied.
With the steps taken above, of course, you can practice right away. The function of this feature makes it easy for you to enter data when the data is very large, and certainly time consuming if you enter it manually.

Very easy, right? As you practice avoiding this duplicate data entry, make sure you do everything right without missing a step. Also, pay attention to each character given in the previous tutorial, as the error character you are making will surely not produce the results you want. If you follow the steps correctly and correctly, your work will be more effective and efficient, and you can save enough time.