Hermano de Google Maps: Waze está trabajando en el asistente de ruta

Waze: the navigation app takes us through winter

Waze offers users an extension to the reporting function, which should help us get through the still long winter.

With Waze, Google has another navigation app in its portfolio besides Google Maps, which is now rolling out a very nice community feature. Waze wants and should help us get through the winter better, users get new reporting features. Users can report when a snow covered road has not been cleared. In addition, users are informed in real time if they must approach a road that has not yet been cleared of snow.

Waze helps us through the winter

In the Waze app, you can now report to 185 countries around the world when an uncleared road is discovered. So it looks like the following screenshot. Just click the yellow button in the lower right corner of Waze> Hazard> Weather> Uncleaned Road.

Waze, don’t you know? It is a navigation application that particularly benefits from its participation community. Waze has been a part of Google for several years, but is largely independent from Google Maps.