¡Todos cometemos este error de plancha alisadora!

We all make this straightening iron mistake!

We all make this straightening iron mistake!

Watch out …

Dear iron, what would our hairy manes be without you? For many women, the styling device is used every day, for others at least when there is a date or other elegant event pending. Whether as a casual user or as a permanent straightener: there is a mistake we all make when using the iron. And that can have a fatal effect on hair!

Sure, straightening or curling hair with heat is not the healthiest thing for your mane anyway. But you can further increase the risk of damage if you don’t think about a small detail when using the device.

Especially when the straightening iron is used every day, you have to think about something: regular cleaning!

Cleaning plates regularly protect against hair damage!

Think about it: have you ever cleaned your iron? Ashes in my head: I have never done it either. Why you should At first glance, you don’t normally see dirt on the heating plates. But this is not the case: care products and styling agents stain and dirty the device over time. This can not only damage the flat iron but also your hair in the long run if the heat is no longer evenly distributed and the adhesive plates are placed on the hair.

Take a good look at your straightening iron: it sure isn’t that clean, right? Then try the following cleaning steps:

  • Let the straightening iron heat up on the lowest setting, then unplug it from the outlet. The slight heat dissolves all accumulated dirt on the surface of the heating plates.
  • The best thing to do now is to bring a clean kitchen towel, which you soak in pure alcohol from the pharmacy. Use this to gently clean the plates.
  • Clean with a dry part of the cloth. Finished!

Depending on the frequency of use, you should clean your straightener in this way at least once a month. Then the device will not break and your hair will suffer a little less.

Image Source: iStock / Tinatin1, iStock / Antonio_Diaz