Vogelnest Nestbauhilfe Natur Kinder

We are building an aid for the construction of nests for birds

Vogelnest Nestbauhilfe Natur Kinder

The birds whistle from the roof, or rather from the garden fence: spring is here. And since birds also feel spring, this is the time when pairs of birds meet and build a nest. This usually occurs in the male’s territory, but as life progresses, nest building is a female affair for most songbirds. And so, woman to woman, I thought that we would support females this spring. Together with the children we create an aid for the construction of nests for our birds in the garden. How does it work? See for yourself …

The birds in our garden are fine: in winter we have the birds homemade birdseed served. And in spring we help them build their nests so they don’t have so much work. And since my children are little collectors, they had a lot of fun building a nest. That is why we have in small bowls of materials collected that different species of birds need to build their nests.

Bird's nest helps nest construction

You can also provide the birds with the following materials:

  • moss
  • Herbs and leaves
  • Stems and straw
  • Small pieces of bark
  • Animal hair
  • feathers
  • Pieces of paper
  • Sheep wool
  • Cotton wool
  • Small woolen threads
  • Mud and clay
Bird's nest helps nest constructionCut the wool into small pieces: Will we discover a nest with blue threads?
Bird's nest helps nest constructionMoss is one of the most important materials – birds want it to be soft

It is best to fill these materials in small bowls and give them to the birds. Pay attention to that site what the nest building aid provides protected from rain and wind it is, but the birds still dare to go. You can use animal hair, lamb or thread toit also hangs from bushes.

Bird's nest helps nest constructionServed on a tray: materials to build a nest.

And then it’s called wait and watch from a distance: What species of bird needs what material? You may discover a nest in a tree with your colorful woolen threads inside!

Bird's nest helps nest constructionPerfect job for little collectors!

I wish you lots of fun collecting and most of all watching!

Much love, Lisbeth

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