No tenemos que esperar mucho por el Galaxy S11

We don’t have to wait long for the Galaxy S11

We don't have to wait long for the Galaxy S11

Samsung itself has not confirmed it yet, but rumors have announced a presentation date for the Samsung Galaxy S11, S11e and S11 +

Much has been reported about Samsung’s new Galaxy S11 series in recent weeks, and many details have been made known in advance in numerous leaks. There are almost always leaks these days, we have long gotten used to it. And there are more and more new Samsung smartphones, also because we are getting closer to the presentation of the new Samsung smartphones. Now there should be a date for the S11 event that has yet to be confirmed by Samsung.

Samsung will be presenting in two months

Relatively in early February, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S11, including the S11 and S11 +. An insider dates the event to take place in San Francisco on February 18, 2020. From today’s perspective, these are almost exactly two months in which we have to be patient. We wait for the market launch just a few days later, and then Samsung won’t let the competition outpace it.