"No queremos avergonzar a nadie en Curvy Supermodel"

“We don’t want to embarrass anyone at Curvy Supermodel”

"We don't want to embarrass anyone at Curvy Supermodel"

Season 3 of “Curvy Supermodel” begins on RTL II on July 26. We spoke to Jan Kralitschka, ex-Bachelor and new member of the jury on the casting show, and we asked him what makes him a Curvy model for him. what to expect in the new season and if it’s time for curvy male models.

Desired: You will be a member of the “Curvy Supermodel” jury, first of all, congratulations! What is it about the show that convinces you so much that you were there right away?

Jan: So I find that curvy women represent the average type of woman better than classic models. I have worked full time as a model for 15 years and have already met curvy models and have always been fascinated by their zest for life and charisma. Classic Example: I was once in a studio that was filming next door for a Curvy client. We all had lunch together and the girls from New York came up to me and said, “Jan, can you give me your dessert, please, I have to keep my figure.” So this humor, this charisma, this zest for life – it’s not for nothing that girls make a lot of money and are so successful.

What does curves mean to you?

Curvy is also curvy. I wouldn’t even link that to clothing sizes. There are also different categories of curves in agencies. For me this is a feminine figure with the curves in the right place.

Have you followed “Curvy Supermodel” before and to what extent do you think your opinion will be different from Angelina, Jana Ina and Oliver Tienken?

We often disagree. I think that’s also because we have different approaches. What the four of us have in common is that we have all worked or work as models, although in different areas. As a classic male model, I can say less about the pose, but I can say a lot about how to properly convey self-confidence in front of the camera. Or how to get in the mood for a casual or friendly pose. As a result, you may or may not have seen something different from some of the candidates than the jurors. But that’s what makes a show interesting. We need discussion and different opinions.

The jury team: Jana Ina Zarrella, Jan Kralitschka, Angelina Kirsch and Oliver Tienken.

Are you more of the good cop or the bad cop as a juror?

Difficult question. I asked myself beforehand. I don’t even know if I can really communicate my opinion that strongly if a candidate gets stuck. Of course, it was clear to me that if someone didn’t have the potential to become a curvy supermodel, there had to be a ‘no’. But you have to pack it charmingly. The program is not designed to produce as many tears as possible. We want to find a real Curvy supermodel. That’s associated with a lot of “no’s,” but I still hope I don’t come across as the bad cop. But a “no” is also a “no”.

What does a successful curvy model have to be able to do for you?

In principle there are three things: it has to have the right face, the body has to be there and for me almost the most important thing: it has to have charisma, self-confidence, character and discipline. These things are the key to saying, “This candidate really has what it takes to be a Curvy supermodel.”

You yourself have worked as a model for several years. Do you feel this change, that little by little we are noticing in society, that there are very different types of women and that not only one is the right one, but also in the fashion industry?

It shows in the advertising. Only slowly in the fashion industry. Curvy fashion sales are increasing, catalogs are growing, and productions are growing. America sometimes leads the way when it comes to trends in some way. Curvy is a very dominant theme there. You can already feel that there is a change. I think that as a normal woman you can identify with the curvy model area more than with the classic image of a size zero model. And that makes everything nice and authentic, which is why advertising demands it more and more.

Do you think we need a new ideal of beauty in the male modeling industry? Because if we’re honest, most men are pretty well trained too.

There is a curvy model area for men, but that is neglected. I myself know two curvy male models. But there is only a very small market. Women earn more in the model sector. They also have a higher daily wage. Female models are also often trendsetters. Perhaps this is a sign that at some point the curvy area will also experience higher demand among men. I think in general it’s important that you feel comfortable as a model. You should be satisfied with yourself and transmit it to the outside world. It doesn’t really matter if you have a six-pack, are very thin, or are strong. There will probably be a market for each area, but compared to the curves area for women, the area for men is almost nil.

The reviews of “Curvy Supermodel” have been quite harsh in recent years. Do you think that in Germany we are not far enough away for a show with curves like this or do you think shows like this will always be offensive?

A program like this can be a great opportunity for candidates to experience a completely different life and start a career. That also applies to casting shows in the music industry. Interestingly, it is actually true that many stars have emerged from music casting shows in Anglo-American countries, while in Germany that is not really the case. I don’t know why that is. Curvy Supermodel is not designed in such a way that we go from one sensation to another or that we want to expose the candidates. On the contrary: we want to work with emotions, but with beautiful emotions. For example, how do we build a candidate’s self-confidence, how he transforms from an ugly duckling to a pretty swan. It’s all about this. And when viewers realize that it’s authentic and honest and that we really intend to find a Curvy supermodel, then the show will be very well received.

There should be a new season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Can you imagine going back to your single role and participating?

New season? Again? Oh stop! But they won’t see me there, because all the things I did on television I did because I saw a challenge. Modeling is my main job, I also work as a lawyer and sometimes I do TV appearances. But I look for challenges. That was the case back then with the undergraduate and also with the sports broadcasts of the Wok World Cup on diving. And with “Bachelor in Paradise” I miss the challenge because I have done a Bachelor program before. That no longer appeals to me.

Thank you for the interview !

“Curvy Supermodel”, starting July 26, every Thursday at 8.15pm on RTL II