Nosotros necesitamos "Toy Story 4"?  Las primeras opiniones tambien "A Toy Story: todo no responde a ningún comando"

We need "Toy story 4"? The first opinions too "A Toy Story: everything does not respond to any command"

We need "Toy story 4"?  The first opinions too "A Toy Story: everything does not respond to any command"

Pixar ended its animated series of children’s toys with the great “Toy Story 3” in 2010. At least that’s what people thought until “Toy Story 4” was announced. In the first reactions you can read if it was a good idea to continue with the franchise again.

Disney / Pixar

At the end of the excellent “Toy Story 3” (2010), Andy, whom we met in the first movie and who is now college age, says goodbye to his old toys. Woody leaves him a message: Andy must not let his toys collect dust, but give them to young Bonnie, a round ending to the story that began in “Toy Story” (1995). On August 15, 2019, however, another sequel will begin with the sequel in Germany titled “A Toy Story: Everything is heard without order.”

Cowboy Woody (original voice: Tom Hanks) and his friends are confronted by a new toy, Forky (Tony Hale), who takes the group on a wild ride out of the children’s family and family rooms. Was a worthy successor to “Toy Story” woven out of this plot (whose plot, by the way, had apparently changed a lot during the long production)? Some English-speaking colleagues have already seen “Toy Story 4”. They are not allowed to post their reviews yet, but Disney already allows tweets.

We expect the first detailed reviews on June 13, 2019; Until then, you can use the tweets to get a first glimpse of how “Toy Story 4” is being received. As usual, they are very emotional, little differentiated and generally positive (via Bar film Y JoBlo):

The first reactions to “Toy Story 4”

Jacob Hall of Bar film it means: “Only Pixar in its heyday can make a third sequel to a living toy franchise, the only one moving look at a learning process it is: learning to put your own happiness before the happiness of others. It also feels as definitive as the third. Keanu reeves [der den Spielzeug-Stuntman Duke Caboom spricht] it is a wonder.

In the magazine tweet JoBlo let’s read: “# ToyStory4 ends the Buzz & Woody story in a way we never knew we wanted, but is worth it. A potential future with many new characters is being prepared. Definitely a high-quality Pixar movie and one of the studio’s best sequels.

Steven Weintraub of Collider writes: “The level of animation that Pixar has achieved in this movie is amazing. #KeanuReeves is as cool as Duke Caboom. I really liked the whole movie. Very well done. An absolute recommendation.

Alisha Grauso, who among other things to USA Today Y Business Insider writes, tweeted about “Toy Story 4”: “The ending of # ToyStory4 is so adorable, warm and heartbreaking like the one in Toy Story 3. Amid the big laughs (thanks, Duke Caboom) is a story that has the heart that Pixar is known for. I loved.

And Tessa Smith (among others from ScreenRant Y The geek show) find: “A lot of people said we don’t need a # ToyStory4 (including me). But believe me when I say this story was necessary. I cried more than any other #ToyStory movie, and I laughed more, too. You must see!

Summarized: Keanu Reeves, who can be heard for the first time in an animated film like Duke Caboom in “Toy Story 4,” has obviously chosen the right part for its premiere, and the new toy adventure is also very dear to the heart. By the way, Tom Hanks has already personally prepared us for this:

So the ending of “Toy Story 4” might bring tears