Wear OS by Google está mejorando un poco nuevamente, se ha anunciado una nueva actualización

Wear OS reminds you to wash your hands

Wear OS by Google is getting a bit better again, a new update has been announced

A new feature for Wear OS is now available via an update to the watch app, each Wear OS smartwatch can remind you to wash your hands, including a timer.

Small mobile devices, such as Wear OS watches, can also be useful during these times. A new update allows Wear OS watches to automatically remind the user to wash their hands every few hours. There are examples of similar apps for reminders to drink a glass of water regularly. So basically it’s not a completely new idea that Google had there.

Reminder including timer

Not only is there a reminder, at the same time you can also activate a timer for 40 seconds. This means that you can see that you are washing your hands long enough and thoroughly. Perhaps it is also very nice with children so that they have a better sense of time in this regard and visualize it accordingly.

The novelty is the innovation of the clock application, which will receive an update of the application to version 5.4 these days.

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