Wear OS by Google está mejorando un poco nuevamente, se ha anunciado una nueva actualización

Wear OS Smartwatch: Google is working on brand awareness

Wear OS by Google is getting a bit better again, a new update has been announced

Google is making changes to the Wear OS brand, but the revised name is creating more, not less, confusion.

Google cannot convey a clear message with Wear OS as the name, at least the name used does not seem to be clear enough. Or why now add a slightly clearer name to the name of the apps you need? On early platforms and early languages, Google seems to want to clarify what’s really behind Wear OS. The changed name is not really nice, on the contrary.

Google will change the name of the companion app

“Wear OS by Google Smartwatch” is the new full name in the Google Play Store in English. Especially since this term is almost even more confusing. Is there now an app for a Google smartwatch, or how should it be understood? “Use OS for Google Smartwatches” would be a suggestion from me. It doesn’t make everything more attractive, but somehow clearer. Well, you may have thought something.

In any case, what I don’t think is that this change is an indication of Google’s own smartwatch. Of course, people have been waiting for this for a long time, especially after the Fitbit acquisition.