Peinados de novia con velo: consejos e imágenes.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil: tips and images

Wedding hairstyles with a veil: tips and images

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A veil remains one of the classics among bridal accessories and forms the classic and romantic icing on the cake of the bridal look. The only question is: what hairstyles should you wear with a veil so that the overall image looks harmonious? We will give you some tips and we will have some beautiful wedding hairstyles with veils as inspiration for your own look.

Everything must be perfect on the wedding day: the wedding dress, makeup and of course the hairstyle. With the latter, however, something often gets in the way that represents a small obstacle: the bridal veil. If you do not want to do without it, you have to see how it integrates it smartly and elegantly into the bridal hairstyle. After all, nothing should slip, pull hair or fall out. So what are the options for veiled bridal hairstyles? Quite! Whether you like natural or opulent like a princess, a wide variety of hairstyles look great with a veil. Here are some suggestions for you on how you can style your hair with the delicate piece of fabric made of tulle, silk, and lace:

Wedding hairstyles with veil: you must take this into account when combing your hair

When it comes to your veiled wedding hairstyle, there are several factors that go into the big picture and which you should think about to find the perfect hairstyle:

  • Whether open or pinned: you have a great selection of wedding hairstyles with veils.

    The length of the veil: If you go for a dramatic, floor-length model (also called a cathedral veil), then you should provide additional support by opting for an updo where the veil can be easily attached to the hair. Heavy material could slide off too fast with open bridal hairstyles, so play it safe. How about a chignon, chignon, or upturned braided hairstyle? With shorter bridal veils, the hair can fall loose and the veil can also be pinned lower; You can choose from a diverse selection of bridal hairstyles.

  • The length of your hair: Sure, that plays a role too. By the way, already when choosing the right wedding veil! If you have a pixie cut or short bob, then short or medium length veils look particularly suitable. With long hair, the veil should cover the entire length of the hair, so it can be a little longer. Then you can design the hairstyle according to both factors. Short hair looks best in soft water waves or straight and falls naturally. Long and medium hair can be worn open, but also medium or fully tied. Loose braids with built-in flowers and sparkly hair clips are just as suitable as well-slicked back hair and pinned hair without much fanfare.
  • Your wedding dress: Which wedding hairstyle and accompanying veil is perfect for you is not the least of what your wedding dress decides. What style have you chosen here? Pompous princess or simple and elegant? Also, your hairstyle should go towards the veil.

Tip: Always have wedding hairstyles with veils made by the hairdresser!

For everything to be as perfect as you want on the wedding day, you should have your wedding hairstyle (especially with a veil!) Done by a professional. Many hairdressers and stylists have experience with different, sometimes difficult bridal hairstyles (and nervous brides) and can provide advice and assistance. So, in the end, everything sits where it should and nothing stands in the way of your perfect bridal look.

Are you looking for the right inspiration for wedding hairstyles with veils? Then click through our image gallery above and take a look at some successful examples!

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