¿Aumento de peso en GNTM?

Weight gain on GNTM?

Weight gain on GNTM?

Unbelievable, we really wouldn’t have thought that! “I gained 6 kilos on GNTM. Sure, it’s not that much, but you notice it and it’s one size dress and if you don’t fit 75% of your jeans, it’s not fun “, GNTM candidate Luana Genevieve explains on her YouTube channel. “We always had food around us. And, of course, it should be so, because everyone can decide for themselves. Unfortunately, I can’t eat what I want and stay slim. ” And these are the reasons, according to Luana:

1. Stress

Sure, Germany’s Next Top Model is an exciting time, but it also means absolute stress for the girls. The result: some people eat more or less in stressful situations. “I am one of those who eat the most”Luana sighs.

2. Long waiting times

“Sometimes we just sit there for three or four hours and wait for tests or shooting sessions. And when the catering table is there, you run and get something. Especially since you don’t have a cell phone and you have no way of being with yourself. to entertain “.

3. No routine

As a third reason, Luana mentions the lack of routine and the absence of a fixed daily routine, making it more difficult to control her eating behavior.

4. Lack of physical fitness

Luana, a fitness fanatic, reports that there was a gym at GNTM, but very little equipment – there were only two running treadmills and the stationary bike was also broken. “It was better than nothing, but not what I was used to at home.” Luana also nostalgically missed personal training. “There was personal training last season, unfortunately not this one. And I’ve been waiting for it the whole time. Everyone was looking forward to the village and I just thought, ‘When will we finally get personal training?’ ”

“I don’t blame anyone”

However, Luana doesn’t think it’s fair to blame the show’s creators: “I don’t blame anyone for that, it’s my fault. I am not the only one who has gained weight during that time.

How did you manage to get back slim and fit?

With good nutrition and of course exercise. “I don’t believe in eating less, I believe in eating better”says the vegan. That means: drink more vegetables, fruits, water and less fast food, ready meals or sweets. Finally, Luana shows off her favorite fitness exercises!