¡Bienvenido a la vida, mi pequeño rey sol!

Welcome to life, my little sun king!

Welcome to life, my little sun king!

Two tiny hands rest on the right and left of your head, your cheek gently hugs my chest, you sleep soundly. A long night awaits us both, but now is the time to rest, to arrive, to draw strength for what awaits us. His eyes are closed, he breathes calmly and evenly, but can tell that he is exhausted. Newborn, in a new world. Strong, cold, bright, uncomfortable. You did the first leg of a long journey, darling …

Neffa and the little sun king. He was only a few hours old …

I’m just as tired as you are, but I can’t take my eyes off you, I can’t believe you’re finally here! I’ve been waiting and waiting for you for so long. It’s like I’ve known you for so long, you’ve been in my stomach for almost 40 weeks and yet I’m looking forward to finally meeting you.

Thoughts in the puerperium

Two tiny hands, almost like porcelain doll hands. What will these hands create one day? One day these hands will float in heart and soul over the instruments, as you will see with your father? Are you going to build houses with them or paint pictures? Are you going to take other people’s hands and help them, or will you hurt them? One day your hands may be holding those of your soulmate and stroking your own child’s head. Your hands will work hard, they will grow, they will not always remain intact, but they will always be the same hands that for a short time have curiously groped the wide world in my stomach.

Two little legs move gently under the blanket, so delicate that they seem fake and fragile to me. It’s hard to believe that these feet will one day take you to the big world. Where are you going? Are you going to run, jump or stomp furiously with those little feet? Are these feet taking you away from me or maybe back? Which way are you going to go? Do you follow in our footsteps or explore new paths? Maybe you want to dance and jump like your sister Joan of Arc or climb like your older brother. You will definitely fall down one day, but then hopefully you will land on those little feet that will carry you to safety. The same little feet that kicked my stomach so happily.

Letter from a mother to her newborn baby

Your warm breath comes out of your slightly open mouth and hits my skin. How beautiful is your little mouth! What will you want to tell me soon? Will you laugh as hard as your sister Pompi with those beautiful lips? Will you sing or scream? Who are you going to talk to and I will always like what you say? Will that little mouth argue with me or whisper in my ear “I love you mom”? We want to teach you to use the voice that you have been given wisely, we hope that you will always be heard.

I feel your heartbeat very softly against my chest. I wish it was always like this. I wish you have a good heart. One that works for others too and gets you on the right track. I know that on your long journey your heart will break from time to time, but I promise you that it will heal and beat stronger than ever.

At some point, even very soon, you are tall and you are no longer that little being in my chest. I don’t know what you’ll look like, I don’t know what will become of you and I can hardly imagine that you won’t always be around me. Your journey is just beginning and there is still much to do.

But one thing I’m sure. I take your hand and I will always hold it when you need me. As long as you leave me, my feet go next to yours and accompany you wherever you go. Whatever you want to tell me, I will listen to you. As long as my heart is beating, it will listen to yours and be with you always. I will go on a trip with you and I will always be your mom.

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