Wetten dass ..?: Nueva revisión de Robbie Williams y James Blunt

Wetten dass ..?: New review from Robbie Williams and James Blunt

Wetten dass ..?: New review from Robbie Williams and James Blunt


wantedon 10/14/2013 | 17:57

The ZDF and Markus Lanz were about to give new impetus to “Wetten dass ..?” When there was renewed criticism from popular star guests. This time, the two pop idols Robbie Williams and James Blunt expressed themselves and did not leave a good hair on the German cult show. “Wetten dass ..?” Have you already pissed off the international celebrities around Robbie Williams?

Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Cher – “Wetten dass ..?” It once again brought a lot of Hollywood glamor to German television in its latest issue. But the decision to invite international stars to the show seems to be turning out more and more like a boomerang. After Tom Hanks and Halle Berry had already criticized the show a few months ago, Robbie Williams and James Blunt have now also attacked “Wetten dass ..?”

I bet that …? does not do well with Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams and James Blunt met on the morning broadcast of the British radio station “BBC 2”. The conversation quickly turned to “Wetten dass ..?”, Where they were both the last guests. The two Brits don’t seem to have much fun at the German family show. “It is contractually bound to do so. The show is five hours long and you have to be sitting on the couch the whole time, ”said Robbie Williams, annoyed by the format. And James Blunt had only one word for “Wetten dass …?”: “Painful!”

I bet that …? in the crossfire of criticism

However, Robbie Williams seems to have found a way not to have to stay in the studio for the entire airing time of “Wetten dass ..?” “I always arrange for him to sing my song, sit on the couch for five minutes and then leave. He always kicks me when I get up from the couch and Paul McCartney or Tom Hanks look at me like they want to say, “Why can’t we just go? “Robbie Williams joked about” Wetten dass ..? “Will Robbie Williams and James Blunt be invited again to “Wetten dass ..?” After these words? Probably not. In the latest issue, ZDF already found a good way to cope with the needs of international stars: neither Harrison Ford and Cher nor Sylvester Stallone had to sit on the couch for hours!

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