¿Qué opinas de la encuesta?

What do you think of the survey?

What do you think of the survey?

Pluck your brows as perfectly as Selena Gomez.

Eat prank candies that turn your tongue blue. Just before going to school in the morning.

Go shopping in a bathrobe and enjoy the looks of disbelief.

Buy a slanted accent piece for your room at the flea market.

Shake your hair wild with “So What” by P! Nk.

Try the cold wax on your legs and go to school with the Mini.

Have breakfast in bed and feel like a true diva.

Put a guy off.

Buy leopard print underwear.

Create a girl band, record a video clip and post it on www.you-tube.com.

Attend an animal welfare demonstration.

“Making calls” with a home-made tin phone – cool!

Cuddle up with the person you like in the back row of the theater.

Spend the night and watch the sunrise together with your beloved.

Only eat chocolate for breakfast. Pure hormones of happiness!

Cut your own bangs, even if it goes completely wrong.

Cut your hair yourself

Make up a white lie (eg, “We had to catch the guinea pig again. They broke it”) when you are late at your girlfriend’s house. Laughter guaranteed

Inventing hot dogs with new flavors like: B. with sweet mustard or chili sauce.

Consciously not following a fashion trend and sticking to it.

Change clothes with your girlfriend in the school bathroom.

Go to a party with false eyelashes and act like a Hollywood star.