¡¿Qué?!  ¿Tienen sus hijos un perfil de Netflix?

What?! Do your kids have a Netflix profile?

I have set up my own Netflix profile for my children. You can have up to five profiles on your account. At the moment, children’s tastes are so similar that one is enough. This is very practical so as not to completely derail the recommendations of the application. So “Mama Moo”, “Mullewapp” and “Maya the Bee” stay where they belong, alongside “Finding Nemo” and “The Ice Queen – Totally Cheeky. And so it can’t happen that you accidentally watch the latest Avengers movie, including a completely inappropriate depiction of violence.

“My kids can use Connected TV better than I can. That’s okay and that’s okay. “

What is most important to me is that I know the dangers that threaten them there. From now on, media competence also includes assigning them the right profile. The wrong content at the wrong age, that’s one of them. In reality, this is the same as trusting that you will not touch the hot stove or that your fingers will no longer be trapped in the drawers after three years.