¿Qué es exactamente una monoceja?  Lea todo sobre la tendencia de las cejas.

What exactly is a single eyebrow? Read all about the brow trend.

Thin, thick, bushy or delicate: brows can have many shapes and after Cara Delevinge at the latest, the natural look of the brows no longer falls into the category of “beauty misstep”. However, a particularly unusual trend is shaking people’s minds: the brow monkey. Models like Scarlett Costello and Taylor Hill show how it’s done. But for many, this look with the brows that have grown together in the middle is a bit too natural. Suddenly, everyone is wondering: is Monobrow becoming a trend?

What is a single eyebrow?

The eyebrows are then called single eyebrows, if both eyebrows grew together between the eyes are. The area of ​​skin between the eyebrows is called the glabella. That is why single eyebrow is also called glabella deficiency syndrome or synofrias in specialist circles. For some it may be annoying, while others see it as the new brow trend.

How can I wax my mono brow correctly?

If you want to get rid of your single eyebrow, we will tell you how to properly pluck your single eyebrow.

  1. Take a cloth and run some hot water on one corner of the cloth. Slightly dampen your mono brow. Alternatively, you can pluck your eyebrows after you shower. The point is that your pores will open with warm water and that you will have less pain when waxing.
  2. Take a magnifying mirror to better see each hair, what you want to remove or not.
  3. Start in the middle of your single eyebrow and work your way out. If you feel a little pain when pulling, you can use the other hand to stretch the skin a little; this should help you.
  4. Don’t start everything at once! Every now and then step away from the mirror to see if you like the shape.
  5. When you are satisfied with the result, you can apply some aloe vera lotion or gel on the skin around the eyebrows. Your skin may be a bit irritated from plucking your eyebrows and should calm down as a result. If you don’t have a cooling gel or lotion on hand, you can use ice cubes or frozen spoons.

Where does the monobrow “trend” come from?

The brow trend with the mono bushy brow was not alone yesterday. We already know the single eye from the time of Frida Kahlo, the surrealist artist who turned her single eye into an ideal of beauty. Actress Selma Hayek also sported a cute eyebrow in the movie “Frida,” in which she also played the title role. We see a single eyebrow from time to time on the street, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. What bothers some, cools others. Do you know the influence on Sophiahadjipanteli? She shows us on Instagram every day how cool the look can be with a cute eyebrow on the outside. Now she also works as a model of success. Because its appearance is very special and therefore very popular with some designers.

Finely waxed in the 90s, then defined and bushy and full at the latest with Cara Delevigne – Eyebrow trends They change at least as often as other beauty trends. Model Scarlett costello But now it tops the natural look of the eyebrows of the last years and allows you to grow a monophonic brow with confidence. Other models like Taylor hill Y Sophia Hadjipanteli Get in the single eyebrow car. Very brave, because opinions on this style of eyebrows are divided online. Be eyebrows together now a trend?

Monobrow à la Frida Kahlo

Pretty to the Artist Frida Kahlo, who became famous for her fused brows by portraying herself with a cute brow, Scarlett Costello loves natural look as for eyebrows. “I have had a brow monkey my whole life and never thought much about it. My mom always told me that it was good that I had thick eyebrows because she plucked hers too much in the 90s, when very thin brows were all the rage. When I was 15, I definitely wanted tapered brows, but that’s when bushy, bushy brows became ‘in’ and I thought to myself, I was more of myself ‘with tousled brows’.Scarlett tells teenvogue.com.