¿Qué color de cabello va con los ojos verdes?

What hair color goes with green eyes?

What hair color goes with green eyes?

Color harmony

Green eyes are rare and that is why they have something very special, almost magical about them. Do you naturally have this eye color? Then we congratulate you! In order for the color glow to be reflected, you must not only wear your makeup correctly, but also sport a hairstyle that is color coordinated and harmonizes perfectly with your iridescent iris. But what hair color goes well with green eyes? We enlighten you!

You can achieve sensual looks that cast a spell on others by underlining your natural eye color with the right shade on your head. Perhaps you have asked yourself many times: what hair color suits me? If your eyes are green, you can choose from a wide variety of shades. Your skin color or your overall type is crucial for the perfect harmony between your iris and your hair. Again there are big differences here so it is not possible to generalize which hair color goes with green eyes. Let’s untangle it together and find the perfect shade for you!

The right hair color will make your green eyes pop.

What hair color goes with green eyes? The type of color is decisive!

You’ve probably heard of the four season types. The season you belong to in terms of your natural skin, hair and eye color determines which hair colors are also suitable for you as dye or artificial coloring. Therefore, you must first examine this look very carefully, and then determine exactly for your type: What hair color goes with green eyes?

Warm hair colors suit the spring type.

# Spring type + green eyes

  • Green tone of the eyes: Light green, golden green
  • Skin color: Clear, peach-colored, often with golden freckles.

Do these features apply to you? Then hair colors like rose gold, strawberry blonde, light blonde with a golden undertone, and light brown match your eye color. These are also the natural hair colors for the spring type with green eyes, so you can experiment a bit on this spectrum.

A matte ash blonde looks great on summer guys with green eyes.

# Summer type + green eyes

  • Green tone of the eyes: Bright teal, gray green or light green
  • Skin color: Slightly bluish undertone, fresh pinkish, quite pale

Summer guys with green eyes sport ashy blonde shades. Whether platinum blonde, light blonde or dark blonde is irrelevant as long as the tone has a silver sheen, that is, it does not have a yellow, red or similar tint. In addition to ash blonde, a medium brown with that shade also looks gorgeous. The hair color should not be too dark, because it would just look too harsh for the summer type.

Red hair looks perfect for the fall guy!

# Autumn type + green eyes

  • Green tone of the eyes: Olive green, turquoise green, petroleum
  • Skin color: Very light, pale, often with reddish freckles.

What hair color goes well with green eyes in fall types? For example, a beautiful fiery coppery red! A dark mahogany shade with a reddish undertone is also perfect for you. If you don’t like red, you can also try a warm honey blonde, a bright caramel brown, or a dark brown shade.

Dark hair brings out the green eyes of the winter type.

# Winter type + green eyes

  • Green tone of the eyes: Gray green, deep dark green
  • Skin color: Pale or olive

If you are one of the Snow White of this world as a winter guy, then a dark ebony shade or deep black hair color suits you and your green eyes best. The shade should be ashy, like the summer type, as it best suits your natural complexion and iris color. If you don’t like dark hair tone, then you can try platinum blonde or silver gray as a hair color; However, this is only partially appropriate for the type. It can help if you dye your brows for this kind of change too, so it doesn’t look unnatural.

What hair color goes with green eyes? As we see now, this varies from case to case. Once you have accurately determined your type, you will quickly get the correct result. Find the hair color of your dreams that matches your eye color! You can find out which hair color goes with brown eyes here. Pssst: You can also find out from us what is the meaning of your eye color.

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