¿Qué ayuda contra Maskne?

What helps against Maskne?

What helps against Maskne?

To protect yourself and others, it is important to wear a mask. This is the only way to contain the spread of the currently rampant coronavirus. Unfortunately, the use of face masks triggers acne in some of us. If you like the call Maskne you are worried or afraid it will occur to you, then keep reading here.

What is Maskne?

The word Maskne is a mixture of the English words “Mask” and “Acne”. And as the name suggests, this is acne that wearing protective masks unchained becomes. If the mask material rubs against the sensitive skin on your face, it becomes irritated and your pores clogged. Sebum and bacteria multiply and lead to a special form of acne called Acne Mechanica.

How can I avoid masking?

It is important that you wear the correct mask. Choose a fabric that is breathable. The best is 100% cotton. Make sure to wash your cloth mask every day (!) At 60 degrees. Alternatively, you can also Disposable masks grab. Unfortunately, these, of course, are not that sustainable. Make sure to wear as little makeup as possible under your mouth guard. Actually, it is better not to use any foundation, etc. under the mask. You should also avoid heavy creams and products that contain oil.

What can I do with Maskne?

Be sure to use one mild, soap-free cleansing lotion without perfume. Wash your face with it in the morning and evening and then apply a light non-comedogenic cream. Alternatively, you can use a light serum. Very important: exfoliate your skin with a chemical 2-3 times a week. Peel containing salicylic acid. Therefore, you can be sure that your skin is perfectly clean and that sebum and bacteria cannot multiply so easily. First of all, use only disposable masks and try to let your skin breathe as often as possible without a protective mask or makeup.