¿Qué está tratando de decirnos Disney? Internet está desconcertado sobre el secreto de los guantes de ópera

What is Disney trying to tell us? The internet is puzzled over the secret of opera gloves

What is Disney trying to tell us?  Internet is puzzled over the secret of opera gloves

We often deal with Disney princesses, mostly for sheer entertainment, but this detail is actually a bit concerning …


Disney Princesses exert an incredible fascination on various people; It’s no coincidence that we post new artist fan art on FILMSTARTS almost every week, Disney Princesses as horror icons, as roommates, or with Steve Buscemi’s Redesign eyes.

But now a puzzling detail is currently haunted across the net, which is causing gray clouds to appear in the candy floss pink princess sky! Take a look at these six Disney princesses and pay special attention to the gloves:


Three of the princesses are wearing opera gloves, three are not, so far, everything is fine.

But what do Arielle from “Arielle the Mermaid”, Rapunzel from “Rapunzel – New Treats” and Sleeping Beauty from “Sleeping Beauty and the Prince” have in common? They were all born into a royal family!


And what do Bella from “Beauty and the Beast”, Tiana from “Kiss the Frog” and Cinderella from “Cinderella” have in common? They were all born commoners and only later married into a royal clan!


That brings us back to the headline question: What is Disney trying to tell us? Is it inevitable that native nobles are easy to visually distinguish from those who are married? Can you become something in Disney movies, just not a princess without gloves, because you have to be born for that?

Or is it for practical reasons: while native princesses have soft hands, married couples have to hide their fingers because they used to work and therefore have rougher skin? Or do newly created princesses really want to play the grand lady, while native nobles don’t need such kinkerlitz to distinguish themselves?

In any case, this visual distinction doesn’t feel right!

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