Aplicaciones: WhatsApp obtiene pegatinas animadas, Facebook obtiene el modo oscuro y las extensiones de Firefox 3

What’s new for Android apps: Facebook, Samsung Internet and Digital Wellbeing

Apps: WhatsApp gets animated stickers, Facebook gets dark mode and Firefox 3 extensions

For the Digital Wellbeing, Facebook and Samsung Internet applications, some interesting innovations have appeared in the last few days.

Facebook is introducing an innovation for its own Android app, which brings all the important buttons to the bottom of the screen. This simplifies one-handed operation with the generally very large screens of modern smartphones. Testing for this change has been done for years, now a final deployment appears to be planned for all users. The innovation will likely be implemented with version 264 of the Android app, at least that’s what our colleagues at XDA say. The following screenshots are also taken from them:

Samsung Internet: security and privacy improvements in beta

New to Samsung Internet is, among other things, the most configurable menu below, in which we can now place buttons for quick access ourselves. “As a result, things like sharing, turning on secret mode, and opening a new tab can now be more accessible and literally one tap away if you want.”

For security reasons, Samsung Internet can now prevent websites from launching installed applications. This also applies to well-known websites like YouTube. A new feature lets you block unwanted websites to better keep harmful websites away from users. Samsung has also improved the system to block Trackig cookies. Now it should work much more successfully.

Google improves relaxation mode of digital wellness

There will be changes to Digital Wellbeing soon, including a revised settings menu for relaxation mode. In addition, there is a new button for the quick setting of the relaxation mode, so that the mode can be activated and deactivated more quickly. Both end up on devices with the latest app updates, version 1.0.3 beta seems to be necessary.

Sammobile, XDA