Google Photos proporciona información más detallada sobre cómo eliminar fotos de la papelera.

What’s new in Google Photos and Pixel Launcher

Google is improving two of its own Android apps, there are some small innovations for Google Photos and the Pixel Launcher on Pixel smartphones.

Google presents an update with small innovations for two Android applications. In Google Photos, there is now, among other things, the new account selector, which can now be found via the search bar. Your profile photo should appear there, but the three-dot menu disappears, the functions of which are still available in the respective areas of the app. A graphical animation of the profile image shows if Google Photos is currently uploading your recordings to the cloud or if the last backup was completed.

This small restructuring, due to a menu disappearing and access to the account is new, is gradually being distributed by Google. Finally, also for the Play Store. With one or the other user significantly earlier, others expect more. Coincidence, it seems.

Pixel Launcher with quick access menu for shortcuts

As is known, Android users can store links to websites and similar content on the home screen. In Pixel Launcher, the context menu is now also available for these shortcuts, offering quick access to more features. Android Police also provides us with a screenshot (in motion). For example, you can use shortcuts to pause an application and access other widgets. It’s probably new with the December update on Pixel phones.