Deepfakes: la aplicación de Android pone tu cara en cada meme GIF

What’s new in the app: night mode in Opera, VLC 3.2 and recommended downloads on Netflix

Deepfakes: Android app puts your face on every GIF meme

VLC for Android has been completely redesigned, Opera is more convenient to use at night, and Netflix has a new download feature.

We’ve had some exciting news about apps, including new features for Netflix and the Opera browser. First of all, it’s all about the downloads for you, which now appear in the Netflix app for early adopters. It is a smart download feature that automatically uploads interesting content to your devices. In advance, users simply specify the size of the data memory provided for this purpose.

In the background, when the WiFi connection is active, the new movies and series that are of interest to you in the opinion of the Netflix application are automatically downloaded to your device. The Netflix app ensures that content is always up-to-date in case you accidentally stay offline for a longer period of time or have not set any downloads yourself.

“We will download an individual selection of movies and series so you always have something to watch on your smartphone.”

Opera turn off the light

Now there is a new night mode for the browser mobile app. With it, you can darken glossy websites and neutralize blue light. This is much easier on the eyes in dark environments.

With the new version 55 of its Android browser, Opera introduces a new night mode that minimizes light pollution from smartphones. From now on, users can not only darken the browser, light colored websites also become dark, even if they weren’t originally designed that way. Additionally, the color temperature can now also be set manually in the browser.

VLC 3.2 for Android released

VLC is now almost 100% written in a more up-to-date programming language. Version 3.2 also has a new design, library navigation has been redesigned for Android TV, and players have been modernized. Regardless of whether it is an equalizer, audio player or multimedia information, VLC has been optimized in every corner. There’s voice search for TVs, keyboards are compatible with Chromebooks, and SMBv2 / 3 support is better.