¿Qué le pasa a Rob?

What’s wrong with Rob?

How will the couple from the Twilight dream continue? According to press reports, the two have even sought professional help from the couples therapist. Kristen Stewart now vehemently denied in a television interview that the two were only ever getting back together for the promotional tour of Twilight: “It’s ridiculous to say that this is all just a pretense and it hurts both of us that people think and say those things. We just want to be left alone ”. Kristen Stewart could have thought about that before humiliating Robert Pattinson in front of the whole world and then spreading it to the press.What you think? Does the love of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a future?“> We are excited about their first joint appearance on the red carpet, at the big premiere in Hollywood on November 12. By the way, only four days later you are in Germany.

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