WhatsApp nos permite buscar para comprobar los mensajes recibidos

WhatsApp allows us to search to check the messages received

WhatsApp allows us to search to check the messages received

Quickly check forwarded messages for facts. WhatsApp introduces a new shortcut to start a faster web search.

WhatsApp integrates a small innovation in the web and its own applications. It appeared months ago and is now official. Initially, the implementation will start in some countries, later also in ours. Web search is now new, it should allow us to check received messages for facts more quickly. WhatsApp wants to introduce another tool that helps prevent the spread of fake news.

Chat app encourages review

Verification via web search enables WhatsApp for forwarded messages:

“Today we present an easy way to review such messages with a tap on a magnifying glass in chat. This simple way of searching the Internet for a message that has been forwarded frequently can help users find new results or information from other sources about the content they have received.

A new button is displayed next to these messages, so that you can start your web search quickly and easily.

WhatsApp also emphasizes full privacy for this little feature. Although we publish the messages received through web search, because otherwise they could not be verified, the messenger itself cannot access this content.

“With this feature, users can upload the message through their browser without WhatsApp seeing the message itself.”

We use the Google search engine for this web search. WhatsApp has not announced whether another search engine can be stored.

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