WhatsApp Icon auf Smartphone Homescreen

WhatsApp: beware, dark mode is a trap

WhatsApp Icon auf Smartphone Homescreen

The so-called dark mode is currently very popular. The principle is simple: in one application, all light areas are darkened, and vice versa. The fact that there are no LEDs in dark areas saves electricity. On the contrary, the battery lasts a bit longer on some screens. Also, the dark mode should be better for the eyes. WhatsApp has also integrated dark mode for its messenger in the beta version of Android. And that’s exactly what scammers are now taking advantage of.

Beware of this dark mode of WhatsApp

It is a simple WhatsApp message, mainly from friends. It says you can use dark mode now if you tap on the link in the message. The text in the writing:

Hey Take a look: Link to the web Whatsapp’s new Dark Mode is here, I already did.

This happens when you follow the link to Dark Mode for WhatsApp

When you touch the link, the browser opens on your smartphone. First, a window will appear informing you to stay updated on the website. If you tap “Allow”, you will now receive notifications in Notification Center. But that’s not the biggest problem. If you block the notification, you have to choose which operating system you are using: Android or iOS. Once you’ve selected yours, you’ll be directed to a page that gives you some instructions. Then you must share this message on WhatsApp with 20 contacts or groups for you to get dark mode. By the way, now you know how you can receive this message from a friend or acquaintance.

If you follow the instructions and actually send this message to 20 of your contacts, you will be directed to a page where you can win a voucher. At this point, at the latest, you should stop typing. Because now you must enter your data. But instead of coupons or dark mode for WhatsApp, there are only spam calls and subsequent emails.

If you receive such a message from someone you know on WhatsApp, please inform them that it is not official WhatsApp, but fraud and spam.