WhatsApp: Block group invitations with a new feature


WhatsApp groups are extremely useful. You can quickly plan your next pub stay with friends, your next birthday party with your family, and upcoming appointments with work colleagues. With such a number of groups, constant notifications can also be annoying, especially if you don’t want to be in the respective group at all. However, you can’t always decide for yourself, because anyone can add you to a group. And that’s exactly what the new group feature is supposed to prevent.

WhatsApp: group feature now available

The new feature is initially only available to users of the WhatsApp beta software. They must update their programs to versions (iOS) and 2.19.298 (Android). Then said function should appear in the group settings. If this is not the case, reinstalling WhatsApp might help. Before doing this, you should definitely make a backup of your data.

The operation of the new group function is extremely simple: there are only three options in the group settings: “Everyone”, “My contacts” and “My contacts except …”. With the first option, anyone can invite you to a group. Option two limits this possibility to your own contacts. As a third option, previously “nobody” could be selected. However, WhatsApp rejected this and was based on a free choice. Here you can explicitly select only the contacts who can invite you to a group. Alternatively, you can use the “select all” sub-item to completely protect yourself from new groups.

The new beta update will be released immediately. So it may take a while for the new group feature to be truly accessible worldwide. Hopefully, the feature will soon be incorporated into the usual WhatsApp software.